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Grammar Symbols        Ages 5 - 10 yrs.

* MODULE 1    Noun – Article - Adjective – Verb
*Module 2    Adverb - Conjunction - Preposition - Pronoun - Interjection



  Why Grammar?

  •   It brings reason to complex sentence structure.

  •   It is the framework and building blocks of our written and spoken language.

  •   It lays the groundwork for the study of foreign languages.

  Learning Grammar Helps An Individual:

  •   build vocabulary.

  •   write with precision.

  •   read with understanding.

  •   speak with clarity.

  What is MECS Montessori Grammar?

   Grammar comes by way of fun, dramatic key lessons where children experience the “work” of each part of speech in a fun and memorable way. Montessori Children become very proficient in Grammar at a young age.  These children experience “grammar work”, as they learn with specific colorful geometric-shaped grammar symbols.

  The Montessori grammar symbols are hands on materials that imprint grammar concepts in a concrete way. The study of language becomes a total delight for all ages. Children take pleasure in creative expression.

MECS Montessori Software focuses on Repetition & Review.

~ You have a treat in store for you! ~


the Montessori Grammar Farm
a Standard Wooden Classroom Material

The Wooden Farm has long been a beautiful Montessori material in which the child can practice his/her understanding of grammar.  Young children are naturally drawn to farm people, farm animals, and objects and especially the activities that take place on a farm.  Now, through the magic of computer multi-media, and the creativity of MECS Montessori Software, the Grammar Farm comes alive to captivate the children, and to involve all of their key senses in the learning process.  This, according to modern brain studies, is the most powerful way for people to learn.

MECS Montessori Grammar Farm Software
Filmed by MECS Personnel at
1850-1910 Actual Living History Pioneer Farms




MECS Montessori Grammar Farm - 1847-1910 Time Period
the Real Pioneer Farm!

  • MECS Montessori Grammar brings Language, Reading and Grammar to the real farm and pioneer farm life in the 1847-1910 time period.

  • MECS Montessori Grammar Farm software emphasizes the pioneer farm life between 1847 and 1910.

  • The MECS Staff has repeatedly visited pioneer farms and ranches scattered across Texas.  These historic pioneer farm living museums have welcomed our photographers and supported us in our endeavor to capture rural life for our students to experience in a close-up and personal way.  We have been warmly received and invited to "come right in" and "feel" their everyday pioneer activities as they are performing them.  Now, the great Montessori experience is dynamically and dramatically heightened as children join their grammar activities to the real, everyday pioneer activities.



Why Is Montessori Grammar Taught To A Young Child?

In Montessori schools, Grammar is begun much earlier than traditional school. The Child is usually somewhere between 5 and 7- generally age 5.

Young children who are still in the period when they learn language easily, enjoy grammar when it is given in the right level for the age. They are not ready for rules and definitions, but by using Montessori material, are led to understand them.

In the Montessori Method, Young children begin Grammar early to become aware of words and to read with full comprehension Young children begin grammar to lay the foundation to write more easily and enable them to make full use of all the parts of speech in composition.

An exploration of the Functions Words is begun now with those children who are ready. In Montessori schools this is the first time the phrase introduction to reading is used.  All that has gone before has simply been a foundation for the this introduction.

The Montessori Grammar Farm, with all of its complete components, is the  beloved traditional piece of  Montessori equipment. Children use the farm and its parts to explore the many facets of The Functions of Words which make up the grammatical structure of the English language.                                                                           

First, Grammar Key Persentations are given ever so slowly which develop the concept fo only one part of speech. These initial lessons are specialized, dramatic, fun lessons where one part of speech is developed in a specific multi-
sensory hands-on approach.

Along with these dramatic lessons, Geometric Grammar Symbols are presented that represent each Part Of Speech.  For example, a small equilateral black triangle is placed over the noun, a smaller dark blue triangle is placed over the modifying word, the adjective.

Later, a red circle is given to denote the verb, “full of energy like the hot burning sun.” Then later, a smaller orange circle is given as the symbol for the adverb which modifies the verb. We call the verb and the adverb “The Verb Family because the adverb adds information to the verb, and it also modifies the verb. One by one each part of speech is cleverly developed with its dramatic key presentation and given it own geometric symbol.



* Sister Program to MECS Montessori Reading Modules 1 – 6 *

Ages 5 ˝ to 10 Yrs +  


  • Integrate Phonics With Grammar - Parts Of Speech

  • Begin the Grammar  Program on Their Own Reading Level

  • Practice Reading Phonics as They Learn Grammar                    



 MECS Montessori Reading Software - Modules 1 to 6

 Compare  Grammar Levels to Phonetic Reading Modules

  1.  Level 1     Module   1 - 2    Short Vowel

  2.  Level 2     Module        3    Long Vowels

  3.  Level 3     Module   4 - 6   Other phonograms
*  R-controlled vowels
       *  Vowel diphthongs
       *  Consonant diphthongs

~ Learn Montessori Grammar Through Phonetics ~




Following each Grammar Key Lesson many activities follow where the student manipulates the parts of the Montessori farm. Small word labels are made for each object in the farm material. These are first color coded which  matches the parts of speech geometric symbols. Eventually children are creating more and more elaborate sentences with these cards and manipulating the farm objects according to their sentence.

As they  build  their sentences,  they are further exploring the “jobs of each part of speech. The Syntax (order) of words in a sentence are explored also, through hands on activities where these concepts are developed through a variety of multi sensory movement games. Continued exercises serve to give a forceful impression that leads the student to imprint the importance of each item in a sentence, not only the meaning of each word, but also its position in the phrase or sentence.

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Why Are Hands - On Grammar Activities Important In The Software?

As Dr. Montessori taught the hand is “the tool of the mind.” The hand must be involved if interest is to be maintained at these younger ages The student will not only manipulate and place symbols above the parts of speech in a sentence, but  they will record their work, The student, then draws and colors the grammar symbols above each word in their written work .

The fun hands on activities motivate children to be eager learners. Furthermore, the sensorial experience of placing the specific grammar symbols above each  Part of Speech,  serves to  fix the functions of words in their mind in a creative and pleasurable way.

The Montessori software also includes these color-coded symbols for you to print out and play extended games with the student. Also, children love to make big posters, draw pictures to illustrate their work and paste these grammar symbols above each part of speech in their sentences. These become pieces of art to be proud of.


Ages 5 - 9



  • Noun
  • Article
  • Adjective
  • Verb


Grammar Farm     Find Nouns At The Farm     -     Pen -Coop-Barnyard-Pond- Shore

Magic hat     Match Symbols To Parts of Speech     -     Noun –Article

Correct Expression     Expand vocabulary with parts of speech

Noun-Verb     Sort Words Animals & Sounds     -    Match Symbol to Noun - Verb

Pattern Card     Build Sentences - Match To Symbols    -    Find Articles, Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs 

Expand Sentence     Build Sentence - Match Symbol - Find Articles, Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs

Advanced Expand    Build Sentence - Match Symbol - Find Articles, Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs

Advanced Grammar - Test -Period 3 

  • Sentence written
  • Teacher names Part of speech
  • Find Articles, Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs 


  • Grammar Song for each part of speech

  • Each lesson has written activities





NOTE: MODULE 1 GRAMMAR IS LEVEL 1 - Noun - Article - Adjective - Verb

Module 2 Grammar  -  Level 1


  • Noun - Article – Adjective
  • Verb
  • Linking Verb -  Make Sentence
  • Noun - Article - Adjective – Verb
  • Expanded Verb
  • Noun - Article - Adjective – Verb

Module 2 Grammar  -  Level 2 


  • Conjunction  
  • Preposition
  • Adverb  

  • Pronoun
  • Interjection

Module 2 Grammar - Level 3

PART  D  -  Advanced Grammar Lessons

  • Expanded parts of Speech
  • Click On   Parts of speech
  • Click on Expanded Sentences


Love! Love! The MECS Montessori Grammar Curriculum
Bring An Exact Montessori Grammar Tutor Into Your Home
“Always Patient  -  Always Present”


  • Exact one-on-one lessons with Montessori Grammar Teacher.

  • Exact Montessori Grammar Materials.

  • Print -out materials traditionally used in Montessori classrooms.

  • Each screen is Sense Of Mastery.

  • Invites repetition and review for true imprinting.

  • Receive help at any time from tutor. (Teacher Help Button)

   Features - Main Menu

  • Students may focus on one part of speech.
  • Or a combination, including all at one time.

For Home – Bring The Montessori Method into Your Home

  • Print out Montessori Grammar Materials used in Montessori classrooms.
  • Print out extra activity lessons plans for every lesson.
  • Training for an adult because software lessons are so meticulously complete.

 Progress At Your Own Pace

  • Receive remediation.

  • Students advance immediately when they are ready!

  • No need to wait for advanced challenges!

Extension Lessons  -  Many Extras!

  • Written & Art Activity Command Cards that follow each presentation.
  • These written activities extend each lesson.
  • Includes Grammar Songs to teach each part of Speech.
  • Peace Curriculum -- print out lesson plans.

Multi- Sensory, Sequential, Systematic Grammar Lessons

  • Choose a part of speech.
  • Or navigate in exact sequence.
  • Review and integrate what came before.



“Very Easy To Implement   -  Fun!  Fun!   Fun!"



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