How does MECS technology extend the Montessori Method into the home?

MECS brings Montessori Method into the home:
  • exact Montessori teacher
  • exact Montessori materials
  • one-on-one private tutor

MECS Montessori Phonetic Reading Class

  • Montessori Reading "mini-workshop"
  • professional multimedia overview
  • teacher-to-parent information
  • model of basic MECS techniques for teaching reading
  • outline for proper sequence
  • specialized Montessori reading materials
  • make materials from screen printouts

MECS Montessori home-learning is fun!

  • quality family time
  • parent/child bonding
  • memory-making experiences

MECS offers free consulting to parents (certain restrictions apply)

  • software support
  • Montessori homeschooling tips
  • resources - material making, networking, etc.