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Short Vowels with Blends & Digraphs

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Match Labels to Pictures

1.  Children Clap and Say Sounds Aloud with Monty
On-screen teaching assistant, Monty Sory)

  • demonstrates clapping sounds to refine 
    a child's exact speech.

  • Monty's mouth articulated for exact sounds

2.  Say, Clap and Build Words with Movable Alphabet
  • Sequential work is continued using simple, 
    phonetic words with vowels.
  • Child advances from 3-letter words to 4-letter  
    words with short vowel sounds.

  • Move labels just like hands-on materials!
  • Control of Error promotes repetition for long-
    term memory
  • Hear and say the words as you move them
  • Built-in repetition for true mastery



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