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Rie Aggie Sterling                            September 15, 2010  

Hi there, just wanted to tell you how successful your software was in teaching our children how to read!   We have 6 children, and besides the youngest who is blind, they all learned how to read using only your software and the "little books" series for reading practice. They are all doing wonderfully today in their homeschool today. My husband is a software developer too, and has been so impressed with the program,   We tell everyone about it!  So, just wanted to say thank you!!!

"An actual Montessori teacher’s voice guides the child

along on his educational odyssey . . . . ."

.To Whom It May Concern:

Both Montessori teachers and homeschooling parents will be delighted to know that MECS has developed software which *truly* reflects the teachings of Maria Montessori. I became aware of the MECS line of software at a recent Montessori conference which was held in Newport Beach, California.

The lessons are consistent with Maria Montessori’s Three Period Lesson. The software programs use the Three Period Lesson to insure that the child *fully* understands the concept introduced. (I have mentioned the Three Period Lesson in many of my books. Therefore, I was so pleased to finally discover a software program which has successfully implemented this method of teaching into a computer software program for children.) Montessori teachers, in particular, will be pleased to have programs which supplement and reinforce concepts introduced by the presenter.

I spent several hours reviewing their updated software curriculum. Every aspect of it is superb.  Parents now have a complete Montessori software curriculum of phonics, reading, math, science, and social studies for their young children. This will appeal to both the Montessori teacher looking for supplemental Montessori materials and the homeschooling parent who is searching for a Montessori software program which teaches instead of entertains children. Below is only a sampling of the fine programs this company offers.

Many parents of preschoolers are looking for Montessori consistent phonics/reading software. The MECS beginning phonics/reading modules offer the preschooler a relaxed atmosphere in which to study the alphabet, beginning sounds and phonograms. The child learns how to put the sounds together to form monosyllable words.

I also like how MECS has incorporated auditory discrimination in the Reading/Phonics Module 1. The clapping helps the child associate the short vowel of the three letter monosyllable word with the picture.  For example, the three sounds that form the word *rat* are broken down, and the child is requested to clap on the beginning consonant *r*, the short vowel *a* and the final *t*.  The child can also select mute and read the word like *jet* and drag it to the corresponding picture of a jet.  As they progress through the lessons, children see their patient, encouraging onscreen companion, Monty Sory.

The animation in the MECS programs assists the child in reading the words.  The matching picture aspect of the vowel ladder is particularly useful.  I was particularly impressed with how children can first practice listening to the blends like *ch* and *bl*, identify these blends, and then match each blend introduced to the corresponding picture that begins with that blend.  These exercises give the child confidence to read the words.

The telling time series is also very complete. The animation and the *no time limit* are sure to make children feel very relaxed.  Maria Montessori's Three Period Lesson is incorporated throughout the program. Period 1 - The child learns how the hour and minute hands make o’clock. Period 2 - The child sees three clocks, each clock is set at a different time. (For example, the time is displayed, the speaker says the time, and the child selects the one clock out of three which matches what the voice and visual clue are showing.  Period 3 - The child sees a clock and must identify the correct time.)  Subsequent lessons introduce the child to telling time to the half, quarter hour, etc.

The dinosaur program will provide hours of interesting, fun learning for both younger and older children. The three period lesson is used, featuring the names of the different dinosaurs. Children are also given different options so that they can independently study about a particular dinosaur if they so desire.  Children read information about a dinosaur and then have the opportunity of answering questions about the passage. The latter aspect of this program is particularly useful for older students.

Each program is beautifully designed and presented. An actual Montessori teacher’s voice guides the child along on his educational odyssey. Her tone of voice is calm, and encouraging, again consistent with the Montessori method of teaching. Consequently, children feel confident that they can proceed successfully at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Undoubtedly, one of the best tools a Montessori teacher can give her students or a home- schooling parent can give her child, is a set of software programs produced by MECS.  These programs provide the foundation the technologically oriented child of the 21st century needs.


Heidi Spietz

Our products are:

  • tested and endorsed by Dr. Paul Epstein
  • tested and endorsed by author, Heidi Spietz.
  • recommended by American Montessori Consulting.
  • tested and approved by Tomorrow's Child Magazine.
  • recommended by Ursula Thrush
  • used in leading teacher training centers.
  • used in public schools.
  • used in private schools.
  • used in homes.
  • exactly like bringing another teacher into the classroom.
  • exactly like bringing a private Montessori Tutor into your home.

Dear MECS:

We received the software a few days ago and I've been absolutely thrilled with the depth of the material I've reviewed so far. As a matter of fact, I intended to take this week and preview all of the modules before telling the kids about it.

After putting the kids in the bed Friday night - I began my review. Jeremiah (our 5 year old) woke up to go the bathroom and wanted to know " why I got to stay up and play a new game". I let him come over to take a look at the software and he was so excited he just had to work on it "now".

Both Jeremiah and Grace ( our 4 year old) have spent the last couple of days enjoying and exploring the modules. At the end of each lesson they inevitably want to do more, to go on to the next levels - I've had to rein them in by telling them, let's stop here for now. Let's do this one a few more times until we're really good at it.

Last night Jeremiah went to bed with tears running down his face and reminding me that I had promised him earlier in the day that he could do more work with the red and blue math bars - but now it's too late.

I've only had this limited exposure to your wonderful software and already my husband and I, as well as the kids have fallen in love with it. I sat back this weekend and laughed and laughed as Jeremiah enjoyed sounding out words by clapping - it was hilarious to watch because not only would he imitate the mouth movements of Monty Sory - but also all of the eyebrow movements.

Someone mentioned the word math in passing and I heard Jeremiah repeat a phrase I'm sure he's picked up from his buddies - " I hate math". I turned and calmly asked what about when we do our counting with marbles, or adding beads, or the red and blue bars? His reply was Oh, Mommy I loooove those.The wonderful thing is he doesn't quite know that it's "work" - to him these are just the most wonderful games that we get to play.

Thank you so much Carol, for making this available to those of us who enjoy working with our kids at home, and creating a program that actually captures the magic of childhood.

God Bless, and I look forward to working with you through the years as you produce more modules.


Karen Jackson


Dear MECS,

I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the learning programs you have developed.  This CD is exactly what I was looking for; a learning program that helped me teach my daughter in small enough steps that didn’t overly challenge her.

My daughter enjoys the learning programs and I have the peace of mind of knowing that she’s learning at her pace.  I also appreciate that I have a resource that will allow her to reinforce a lesson as often as needed.

Thank you again.Thank you also for answering all my questions and concerns over the phone.   It’s wonderful to be able to talk to someone who is so knowledgeable about their product


 Mary Ann Jones


"Send anyone to me.  I will recommend your software."

Mr. Tim Seldin - President

The Montessori Foundation
19600 State Road East
Brandenton, FL 34212-8921

The MECS programs are an outstanding addition to Montessori early childhood and elementary classrooms. Children with various learning styles and needs will benefit. Instead of taking the place of traditional Montessori materials, the MECS programs help connect children to them. 

MECS has developed an excellent set of computer programs that incorporates both Montessori principles and curriculum elements from recent Constructivist-based learning research.

Paul Epstein, Ph.D,

Past Associate Professor of Education at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.
Noted Montessorian
Advisor to the Montessori Foundation

Read Dr. Epstein's entire article published in the Public School Montessorian.