Storm Radar: Weather Tracker by The Weather Channel Interactive (2024)

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Weather like you've never seen it before

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Keep up with storms as they roll through, so you'll always be ready for trouble. Storm Radar gives you a deep look into what's happening with the weather coming your way.

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Important weather details, a layer at a time. Storm Radar gives you all the essential storm information, a layer at a time. View as little or as much as you want.

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Storm Radar: Weather Tracker by The Weather Channel Interactive (8)

Six hours of radar coverage. Storm Radar shows you up to six hours of radar coverage, including both past information and future predicted radar tracks.

Adjust radar details. You can turn Storm Tracks on or off, as well as many other radar details. That way, you can customize your radar visualization to just how you want it.

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What is it about?

Storm Radar gives you the latest information from NOAA and The Weather Channel, right on your iPhone or iPad. The high-resolution weather radar helps you visualize the storms coming your way. Six hours of cutting-edge animated future radar will help you know what's coming. You can even get a detailed analysis of impending severe weather, watching storm tracks and getting all the important information about the incoming cells. You'll know the storm's estimated arrival time, how strong it is, as well as whether it's bringing strong winds, lightning, hail, and tornadoes.

For those who...

  • Love to keep up with the weather
  • Worry about tornadoes and hurricanes

Not for those who...

  • Don't worry about severe weather
  • Don't care about hurricanes, tropical storms, or tornadoes

Why we love it

Storm Radar is the real deal, and provides tons of useful information. What's really awesome about this app, though, is that you can have it show as much or as little weather as you want. Customizable data layers let you focus on earthquakes, severe weather alerts, local storm reports, temperature, precipitation, and more.

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June 3, 2024

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June 15, 2017

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App Store Description

Now you can accurately track severe weather in real-time with Storm Radar. This all-in-one high-resolution storm and hurricane tracker is designed to help you stay safe and informed when severe weather approaches. Get live NOAA/National Weather Service alerts right on your device, including winter storm warnings, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, and more.

So whether you need to know about the weather forecast for your job, for your home safety, or hobby, Storm Radar helps you see the weather like never before with our precise and powerful advanced map visualizations (the same technology The Weather Channel depends on).

- Get a detailed view of the changing weather patterns in your area in vivid color, including how much wind and rain are coming your way.
- Know exactly when and where the storm will hit with 6.5 hours of global future radar.
- Get notified of incoming rain with real-time precipitation alerts for your area.

- Get live local storm alerts including NOAA/National Weather Service severe weather watches, warnings and advisories.
- Be aware of hazardous lightning strikes: get live lightning alerts for your location.
- Customizable map layers give you the ability to visualize impending storms, including extreme conditions like cyclones, tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes.
- Use Storm Tracks to understand the storm’s path via motion vectors and up to 30 advanced weather features.

- Customize your radar map with detailed data overlays, such as wind speed and temperature.
- Use our Mini Map to get two important views in one radar screen: see what is happening in your location, while also having access to a big picture view in the mini map.

- No Ads
- Full screen radar
- Mini Map
- 6.5 hour future radar
- Storm Tracks
- Local storm reports
- Driving weather impacts
- Snow accumulation
- Lightning activity
- Hurricane tracker
- And all of our advanced map layers

If you choose to purchase the Premium version of Storm Radar, subscription payments will be charged to your App Store account at confirmation of your purchase. Storm subscription auto renews annually. Cancel anytime in Settings > AppleID at least 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid charges. Subscription payments will be charged to your account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use below.

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Storm Radar: Weather Tracker by The Weather Channel Interactive (2024)


How accurate is storm radar? ›

The National Weather Service's 148 WSR-88D Doppler radars can detect most precipitation within approximately 90 mi of the radar, and intense rain or snow within approximately 155 mi. However, light rain, light snow, or drizzle from shallow cloud weather systems are not necessarily detected.

What do the colors mean on the weather radar? ›

Blue and green colors represent light-to-moderate rainfall. Yellow and orange colors show moderate-to-heavy precipitation, while red is very heavy rainfall and pink colors inside the red color represent hail of different sizes.

How does radar track a storm? ›

For example, a Doppler radar transmits a signal that gets reflected off raindrops within a storm. The reflected radar signal is measured by the radar's receiver with a change in frequency. That frequency shift is directly related to the motion of the raindrops.

What happened to the storm radar app? ›

Due to changes in our business, there are no current plans to bring Storm Radar back on Android. The Weather Company continues to support weather science, products and coverage, so users can access the same great storm tracking features and news via The Weather Channel app.

Which weather radar is the best? ›

The WSR-88D is one of the most powerful and advanced Weather Surveillance Doppler Radar in the world. Since first being built and tested in 1988, it has been installed and used operationally at over 160 locations across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What color is a tornado on radar? ›

On a weather radar map, a tornado is usually indicated by a smaller area of red surrounded by a larger area of green. However, modern radar systems can also indicate debris balls, a sign of a tornado on the ground.

What does purple rain mean on radar? ›

Different radar image sources use different color scales. Here's the one from NOAA that shows colors for different rain intensities in inches per hour: As you can see, purple represents the highest intensity, 16+ inches (400+ mm) per hour. NOAA does not use black in its scale.

What color is heavy rain on radar? ›

Shades of blue represent lighter precipitation while red and purple indicate heavier precipitation. The example radar image above shows extensive precipitation from Kansas into Ohio associated with showers and thunderstorms that developed during the late afternoon hours of August 15, 1995.

What does red rain mean on radar? ›

The greens indicate light or moderate rainfall. Yellow, orange, and red indicate moderate to heavy rainfall and can also indicate hail. Whites or blues mean snowfall and pink indicates freezing rain, sleet, or a wintry mix.

Can cops see your radar detector? ›

Can the Police Determine Whether You Have a Radar Detector? Based on our observations, police can detect the presence of a radar detector in your vehicle using a device known as a radar detector detector (RDD). This device picks up their frequencies, indicating the presence of a radar detector in a vehicle.

How to tell if a storm is coming? ›

Keep an eye on the sky. Pay attention to weather clues around you that may warn of imminent danger. Look for darkening skies, flashes of lightning, or increasing wind, which may be signs of an approaching thunderstorm.

How to tell if a tornado is forming on radar? ›

While analyzing radar data, if rotational couplets are seen at multiple levels in a storm and they persist for 10 or more minutes, tornado formation is possible, and a tornado warning is imminent.

What is the best severe weather alert app? ›

Weather Underground is known as one of the best fully-featured weather apps for both Android and iOS devices. The weather alerts you receive are fully customizable to fit your needs. Plus, hour-by-hour forecasts make it easy to plan your day and track current severe weather conditions in your area.

What is the best storm tracking website? ›

NOAA National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is the trusted source for hurricane information.

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