The Laws of Simplicity - بایگانی آنا (2024)

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The Laws of Simplicity - بایگانی آنا (1)

انگلیسی [en], .pdf, 🚀/lgli/lgrs/zlib, 5.8MB, 📘 کتاب (غیر داستانی), Y. dl_avaxhome 26335 _=bb05

The Laws of Simplicity 🔍

MIT Press, Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life, 2006

John Maeda 🔍


“Received an Honorable Mention in the Communication and Cultural Studies category of the 2005 Professional/Scholarly Publishing Annual Awards Competition presented by the Association of American Publishers, Inc. Finally, we are learning that simplicity equals sanity. We're rebelling against technology that's too complicated, DVD players with too many menus, and software accompanied by 75-megabyte ''read me'' manuals. The iPod's clean gadgetry has made simplicity hip. But sometimes we find ourselves caught up in the simplicity paradox: we want something that's simple and easy to use, but also does all the complex things we might ever want it to do. In The Laws of Simplicity , John Maeda offers ten laws for balancing simplicity and complexity in business, technology, and design—guidelines for needing less and actually getting more.”

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The Laws of Simplicity - بایگانی آنا (2024)


What are the rules of simplicity? ›

1 REDUCE The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. 2 ORGANIZE Organization makes a system of many appear fewer. 3 TIME Savings in time feel like simplicity. 4 LEARN Knowledge makes everything simpler.

What is the law of simplicity in UX design? ›

The Law of Simplicity

Less is more” is a key takeaway from the Law of Simplicity. Complex and cluttered designs can overwhelm users, causing frustration and disengagement. Keeping designs clean, simple, and focused on essential tasks and content enhances usability.

What does the rule of simplicity mean? ›

The principle of simplicity or parsimony—broadly, the idea that simpler explanations of observations should be preferred to more complex ones—is conventionally attributed to William of Occam, after whom it is traditionally referred to as Occam's razor.

Why simplicity is so powerful? ›

Simplicity can benefit your overall mental health by providing more clarity in your mind, so you have less to worry about. Plus, lower anxiety can contribute to positive self-esteem and makes it easier to enjoy life and try new things. More Fulfillment.

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